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Court personalisation

Personalised net covers

A simple way to put a sponsor in the spotlight and easy to install.

The width of the cover can be chosen based on the width of the white net tape of the net itself!


Protection of net posts and court entrances

A Centre Court? Courts with run-out zones? Or just looking for a way to put your main sponsor in the spotlight?

Then personalised protection for the net posts and/or court entrances is a great idea!



‘What’s the score?’

Make it easy for your players and spectators with a scoreboard that is simple to install. Made for the Belgian market where players often play up to 9 points.

Would you like to display the club logo or a sponsor on it? No problem!


Padel nets

Weather and wind, players who are a little too enthusiastic: a net has to endure a lot over the years.

So remember to replace it in time and avoid unplayable courts in the event of breakage!


Security nets

Do you have a side of a court that borders on a parking lot, a neighbour, a canal? Or simply the boundary of your club grounds? Then you might make a lot of people happy by installing security nets.

Security nets can be installed on both the short and long sides of the courts.

Surrounding artificial grass and run-out zones

Give your courts and club extra cachet by also neatly decorating the surroundings!

Well-maintained outdoor areas and artificial grass around the courts give your club a high-quality look.


Visually not distracting and yet high visibility. Stickers at the bottom of the glass partitions put your court sponsor in the spotlight!

Players’ benches

Running, smashing, stretching to the limit to reach the ball. Laughing, cursing, angry looks.

Puffing, catching your breath, socialising. What better way to do this during side changes than on a solid players' bench? Choose your favourite colour!



Club logo on court corner plates

Personalise your courts and opt for a club logo on the corner plates of your padel courts.

Free with installation!

Or perhaps you would like to thank your biggest sponsor afterwards? This is also possible!


Maintenance materials

The best way to enjoy top quality infrastructure all year round?

=> Regularly maintain the courts yourself!

  • The players will be grateful
  • Minor problems can’t develop into major problems,
  • Your installation will have longer service life
  • Less chance of sudden problems that make the courts unplayable

 If you’re looking for

  • Infill sand
  • Sweeping brushes or sweeping machine
  • Floor squeegee
  • ...

we can supply you with all of them!